Fetal Conditions

Congenital Malignancies

There is a very low chance that a newborn can be born a malignant or benign form of cancer.

healthy Baby

Healthy Baby

Congenital Malignancies

Congenital Malignancies

This usually develops as a solid tumor. One of the more common tumours to be found is the teratoma. The exact cause of a congenital malignancy is unknown, but it is occasionally linked to a genetic predisposition.

Treatment depends on the organ that is affected and the impact the malignancy is having on the neighboring structures. Doctors will evaluate the condition with imagery and tissue diagnosis. From here they will make a definitive plan for management of the tumor.

Early diagnosis, as usual, assists with preparation to control the condition. Antenatal diagnosis is often possible, and associated complications can be predicted and managed. Delivery, if accelerated can assist with bettering outcomes.