Harnessing technology that is considered one of the fastest evolving in the medical field, neonatologist Dr Ricky Dippenaar specialises in conditions such as congenital abnormalities, diagnostic dilemmas and extreme premature births.

Since qualifying with a Certificate in Neonatology in 2006 Dr Dippenaar has challenged the boundaries within his neonatal ICUs to further the ethics and possibilities of neonatology. While working to establish protocol based guidelines and employing evidence-based medicine, he has continued to reinvent outdated procedures, concepts, and pushed boundaries in managing extreme preterm infants.

Dr Dippenaar maintains a strong affiliation with the academic sector to ensure that paediatric sub specialists participate in the multidisciplinary team.
In 2011 his articulate attention to detail enabled Dr Dippenaar to deliver the youngest surviving infant on the African continent at 22 weeks, and weighing a mere 515 grams. A miracle birth, baby Allegra spent her first few days of life in a protective plastic bag as her skin was still developing. It is these ‘never been done before’ cases where Dr Ricky Dippenaar shines.

In turn, his neonatal ICUs in Cape Town (Netcare Blaauwberg and N1 City Hospitals), have become tertiary referral sites for high risk complicated births, and a satellite neonatal training facility has been developed to share and build on the knowledge already established at this institution.

Dr Dippenaar understands the emotional stress that follows the birth of any child, and the love a parent holds for their own from the time of conception. His passion lies in cutting edge technology and evidence based medicine. Combined, is a unique personality empathetic to the needs of humans in their youngest stages, and holding a unique skillset that can assist with the pursuit of life when all other options seem impossible.